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Dental care in Bangalore
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About us  
Dr Shwetha S Hegde is a specialist in Oral medicine and Radiology  
How it works  
Dental treatment plan review and evaluation a second opinion will be provided based  
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Prior to submitting your x rays and other images for online evaluation, please read the .  
Dental care in Bangalore
  Our services

Detailed review and evaluation of dental x-rays (radiographs), photos of teeth and mouth (intraoral photographs) and scanned documents

An unbiased and professional opinion on dental treatment plan and recommendation on fees

  why get a second opinion before getting dental treatment?
Unbiased opinion: We provide unbiased and informed dental second opinion on recommended dental treatment and fees
Save your money: Our second opinion is at a fraction of the fees you may have to spend on dental treatment
Act with confidence: Know what is the right treatment and the right cost for the same
Dental options: Dental problems have more than one treatment options. Know what is right for you.

I must consider myself fortunate to have been referred to Dr Swetha Hegde for a second opinion on a problem that had been mis-diagnosed by a senior dentist and which could have put me through considerable tension and pain, had I continued
with his proposed line of treatment.

Swetha was quick to accurately diagnose the problem, zero down on the treatment options and communicate clearly on the pros and cons of the problem and its resolution. Each time I met her, my respect for her professional knowledge and bedside manner increased leaps and bounds.

N K Sherman

I have been consulting Dr. Shwetha for my mouth ulcers. Among the Physicians, Dentists, Gastro specialists that I have been seeing over the years, I found Dr. Shweta is a reasoned, competent and very amiable professional.

In these days of the magic bullet approach many practitioners swear by, it was a breath of fresh air to see Dr. Shwetha’s measured approach as well as being fully conscious of the treatment limitations. Her knowledge base, sound counsel tuned to client’s long term interest would be a boon to any patient in her field of specialization.

Mr Suparna

Dental problems
Dental problems
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