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Q.How do I get my x rays and images from my local dentist?
A.Upon your request your local dentist will provide you with a copy of your dental x rays, intra-oral photographs dental treatment plans and periodontal probing. Most dental offices use digital x rays and copying those images into a CD or attaching to an email is very easy. In those clinics which use films for x rays, it is very easy to scan the x ray film and converted into a digital format. However, the scanning process does reduce the quality of the image.

Q. What files does your encrypted secure messaging portal accept as attachments?

A. Common image files are accepted as attachments include JPEG(JPG).

Q. Which x rays that I upload will increase the accuracy of my report?
A. There are 2 types of intra-oral x rays:
• Periapical x ray shows the roots of front or back teeth
• Bitewing x ray shows the crown portions of upper and lower teeth in the same image
There are also extra-oral x rays such as the OPG(orthopantomogram) which will show all teeth, and the jaws. This x ray is more detailed and is useful as it gives an overall picture of teeth, condition of the gums and jaws.

Q. How do I send my dental images and information to you?
A.After you have chosen the treatment plan best suited to your needs and signed up, you will be directed to the register page. Once you have registered, you will be required to fill up a basic information form. After this you can upload your files. Once you have uploaded, we will be notified so that we can review the information and send you a report.

Q. How long does it take to get a professional opinion report from us?

A. You should anticipate that your report will be received within 4 business days from submitting a completed questionnaire and supporting documents.

Q. Does our evaluation replace a dental examination?
A. No, we review the dental x rays and images and any other information provided by you. As this is an online service, there is no clinical examination, and therefore, a complete oral examination by your dentist is recommended.

Q. What is included in our report?

A. Our report includes a brief summary of your symptoms, our evaluation and review of your x rays and other images, our detailed diagnosis and treatment plan best suited for you.

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