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Our Services

• We will review and evaluate dental x rays (radiographs), photos of teeth and mouth (intraoral photographs)     and scanned documents.

• We will provide an unbiased and professional second opinion on dental treatment plans and recommendation    on fees.

• Detailed review and evaluation of dental x-rays (radiographs), photos of teeth and mouth (intraoral photographs) and scanned documents.

• An unbiased and professional opinion on dental treatment plan and recommendation on fees.

• When you are armed with accurate information, you are in better position to discuss your problem with your dentist and get the treatment you are comfortable with.

When can a dental second opinion help you?
  • you have already consulted a dentist who has suggested a treatment plan and you are not happy with it
  • there are various treatment plans available to you and you are not able to decide what is best for you.
  • when the treatment plan seems excessive for the kind of dental symptoms you have.
  • when you have an unresolved pain-you are not able to locate the source of your pain. The pain could arising from a tooth or it could be arising from a nearby structure (for e.g., from jaw joint) and getting 'referred' to the tooth.
  • you have a habit of grinding your teeth at night/ during daytime and this is causing problems with your jaw 
  • you are stressed and you have vague pains in your jaws/neck/upper back

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